The U-Step Walker

What is it?

The U-step is a version of a four wheeled walker, manufactured by Attainability UK ( it is designed to help people with Neurological conditions when walking both indoors and outdoors.




How do I know if it’s right for me?

This walker is great for someone with a condition like Parkinson’s Disease, MS, a stroke or brain injury. It will help people who have difficulty controlling their posture or struggle to initiate (or stop) walking. As physiotherapists we find it useful for people with Ataxia (lack of coordination) which could be present due to a stroke, MS, or other neurological condition. If you find a more traditional four wheeled walker “runs away with you” and you are having to squeeze the brakes a lot, or indeed walk with the brakes on, then this would certainly be worth a try.
It is more expensive than your standard walkers, however they do offer a 2 week free trial which I would recommend before buying. Our opinion is that this is a fantastic bit of equipment, for the right person.

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